Day 2: Post-Lecture Interactive Session_Team B3

Thank you for attending pre-lecture, and lecture sessions, and welcome to post-lecture interactive session!

*In this session, we will review the key points discussed in today’s lecture.

Discussion Schedule and Guidelines:
This session will run from 10:40 to 11:20 PM.
The session will be divided into three phases as follows:

  • Phase 1: 10:40-10:55 (15 minutes)
  • Phase 2: 10:55-11:10 (15 minutes)
  • Phase 3: 11:10-11:20 (10 minutes)

During Phase 1, we will discuss the lecture’s key points. In Phase 2, we will explore how to apply the lecture theory to practical situations in our community. Phase 3 will involve summarizing the lecture’s takeaways and discussing future directions and feedback.

Please read and respond to each other’s comments thoughtfully.
Please read and reply to messages from the Facilitator.

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Hello everyone let’s start.

“Thank you for joining, AminaB39! Why do you think small moments often bring us joy, and how do they impact your daily life?”

Hello and welcome but, i am already

“How have you applied transformative advice in your life, creating positive changes?”


“What drew you to your hobby, and which book has captured your interest lately?”

Open education in Afghan society is the best solution.

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“What about the concept of open education in Afghan society draws you in, and how do you connect with it personally?”

Hello everyone

“Let’s warmly welcome FarwaB38 and keep our main objective in focus as we gather our thoughts.”

Welcome to the 40-minute post-lecture interactive session!
In this session, we’ll discuss “What are the key takeaways from today’s lecture?” This session has three phases: 1) Key Point Generation, 2) Bridging Theory with Practice of Gained Lecture, and 3) Summarizing Lecture Takeaways and Discussing Future Directions with Feedback.

Now, let’s dive into the first phase of this session: Key Point Generation.

Some times my hobby in free time studay books and in recently i studied Hakan mankoch new books

This is life and all the moment that we pass its important to joy from it, some times small things make as happy, like being with friends, family.

“What key insights did you gain from Hakan Mankoch’s new books that you’d like to share?”

“Let’s cherish these simple joys together; what moments bring you happiness?”

Hello and welcome, everyone! I’m truly glad to see each of you here after our enriching lectures today. As we transition into our interactive session, I invite you to reflect on the key points and insights that resonated with you from today’s discussions. Together, let’s share and explore these takeaways, enriching our collective understanding and envisioning practical applications for our community. Your thoughts and perspectives are invaluable to this dialogue, so please feel comfortable to express yourselves freely.