Media Censor Crisis in Post 2021 Afghanistan-Testing Team B

Let’s discuss the topic on " Media Censor Crisis in Post 2021 Afghanistan".
In the specific context of mitigating media censorship, what measures can be taken to not only decrease instances of censorship but also guarantee an accurate portrayal of events as they unfold?


I think the first wayfor solveing is that the media should also publish the positive points of the Taliban government.

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Media censor was faculitate with good equipments but now the government must coordinate them for promoting mire.

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I think one of the ways is to convince the current government for media freedom…

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In order to reduce media censorship, a law should be passed that is the will of the ruling group and the work should be carried out based on that.

Another solution is that the international community should put pressure on the current government, so that the current government stops censoring the media.

The media can start their work from another country to broadcast and publish the facts, because there is no freedom of expression under the rule of the ruling system.

Ofter 2021 abad crisis occurred in Afghanistan in its media which we witnessed the most casualties, such as the loss of our best journalists, the shutdown of some media, etc.

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First of all, in order to reduce media censorship, in special circumstances, we should elect a representative from the people in all the media which don’t let the government which hide the media if government don’t let the agent of people agent should indform people.

In order to reduce the censorship of the media, the international community should put more pressure on the current rulers so that not only the freedom of the media can be achieved, but also the freedom of all people.

As its obivious government strive more to set rule for the media but it should assist the media to broadcast whole progarm on its time with percise issues.

Yes, but in my opinion, the current government does not pay any attention to the media even I think that it might try to destroy them.

Its a possitive feedback, media can commence broadcasting from other nations , the reason is they are capable to indicate all incidents which are occuring in afghanistan without generating any obstacles.

In my opinion, the other solution is that we, the whole people, should put pressure on the government so that they do not have to censor the media and the truth is revealed to everyone.

As we know medias play very important role in our communities because keep us from daily accidents.

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In my opinion the other way is this which people should get the freedom of media from government in the special conditions.

In addition, the communities can help the media by asking the authorities for not prohibiting medias to release the orprograms which inform ressident from accidents in cities.

When the Taliban gained power, we know that the media became very weak because they could not publish the real news, and all the control was in the hands of the Taliban.

Yes, I agree with your theory, we should choose a representative in all media to prevent the censorship crisis in the future.

Undoubtedly, we have many problems in the media sector, but the solution is to let their government work and publish whatever truth they want.

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