Media Censor Crisis in Post 2021 Afghanistan-Testing Team D

Let’s discuss the topic on " Media Censor Crisis in Post 2021 Afghanistan".
In the specific context of mitigating media censorship, what strategic measures can be recommended to not only decrease instances of censorship but also guarantee an accurate portrayal of events as they unfold?


I think this is a big problem for all afghan media that the taleban unfortunately restricted all media by there own mindset .


Mitigating media censorship and ensuring an accurate portrayal of events in an environment of censorship can be challenging in Afghanistan due to current situation.

First strategy is to encourage and support independent journalists. Supporting and promoting independent media outlets and national journalists who are committed to report unbiased and accurate information. It can play a crucial role in providing alternative perspectives on incidents that may be censored but at the current situation in Afghanistan it’s challenging.

Yes you are right but in your idea what is your strategy for this issue to solve it ?

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Afghanistan’s media have faced difficulties since the Taliban took power in Kabul in August 2021, Over past years they emphasize more on media to be controlled by them.

Yes you are right this issue was already a big problem also in many year ago in presidential governement that the governement censored lots of news

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So this is a big problem for all media so what the solutions you propose to prevent from censoring media ?

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In my perspective, several strategies can be recommended to mitigating the censorship of media in Afghanistan. First, international agencies who are working in the field of media should set multiple meetings with those who can talk and discuss with the Taliban leadership and also who have significant impact on them to alter their vision regarding to media’s independence and freedom.

Media in Afghanistan is not in a good satuation after the 15th of August 2021. And the Taliban want to control the media and the people.

As my opinion the governement shoud incourage media for publishing true news and suport them becouse media have impotent role in our society it shoud be incourage .

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Second solution can be forming or conducting a process that every person who lives in Afghanistan can be a media itself in a anonymous way which it can be hide their identity from getting recognized to the Taliban’s Intelligence agencies.

The media in Afg is not good after taliban came
The taliban control all the media and don’t let them to say the fact news that happend in all over the country and it’s a big problem.

In my point of view the good solution is this that taliban should get a specific right for media and let them to do there work’s good and legally.


So it is hard to decrase instances of censorship because the people of Afghanistan can not talk or debate with the Taliban government. They are not listening for people.

final alternative, is that there are some temperate members in Taliban’s formation that can take part to change the depriving idea among them and offering their support to the media’s family or institutions and provide them with the permission of media’s independence.

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Since 2021, the media has lied, the Taliban changed everything in their favor the media share the media that Taliban allow them and acceptable to the Taliban


That’s right, but let’s talk about the solution what do thinking is there any way to at least we try it?

One of the proposals to reduce media censorship in Afghanistan is to form a team from the media to talk to the government and provide satisfactory reasons for them.

I think there are many strategies that implementing different measures that are highly context-dependent but it can be challenging in a country controlling by de facto authorities with severe censorship but by combining various strategies and engaging in concerted efforts it’s possible to somehow promote accurate reporting.