Day 1: Pre-Lecture Interactive Session_Team A4

Greetings Team A4 members, and welcome to our pre-lecture interactive session!

“In this session, please introduce yourselves by stating your name, where you’re from, your educational background, and one interesting hobby or interest.”

Discussion Schedule and Guidelines:

  • Please be punctual and participate fully during the session from 2:20 to 2:50
  • Kindly read each other’s comments and respond as appropriate.

Hello dear classmates !

This is Farangis , Farangis Sadid .

I’m 25 years old and I live in kabul Afghanistan.

I’m graduated from B.C.S ( bachelor of computer science ) from kabul university.

I also have diploma in English language from kardan university.

My hobbies are : cooking , shopping , driving , listening to music and watching movies .

Hello everyone this is Faisal Massomy I hope you are all be well

Hello everybody This is Mustafa, hope you all be healthy

I am Musa Jalili, a Ph.D. scholar at Hazara University, specializing in Machine Learning. Additionally, I hold the position of assistant professor at universities in Kabul.

Hi every one my name is Farahnaz Nasraty I am from parwan I am graduated from zarghoona high school I was studied midwifery in kabura institute

Hello dears, I’m Hellay khoshal, and I’m living in Afghanistan.
My hobbies are: Reading, shopping and dancing.

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good afternoon and greeting to every one this is Hadia Afzali from Kabul I’m living in Kabul I like studying books shopping go to traveling.

before coming Taliban i was BBA student in a private university but now I’m at home and doing nothing

hello everyone,
This is Rokhsar Jalali, who graduated from Kabul University, Turkish Language Department.

Hello! I hope you are well.
I am Obaid Ahmad from Kabul province.
I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in international relations.
My best hobbies are playing snooker and football.
Thank you!

What do you think friends how can we create an useful environment for online education ?

nice to meet you all , i hope you all have a happy life .

I am Zaki Salimi, I graduated of Kabul University of Computer Science faculty, and my favorite hobby is playing chess.

i think the online environment will be better in the current situation because the Taliban don’t allow girls to go universities but unfortunately we are currently facing may problems like we don’t have electivity in may places

Neither electricity nor Internet

yes sure nothing we have but we have to do something because of our future online classes also good for us.


Yeah, Somehow