Day 1: Post-Lecture Interactive Session_Team A1

Thank you for attending pre-lecture, and lecture sessions, and welcome to post-lecture interactive session!

*In this session, please review and discuss the key points discussed in today’s lecture.

Discussion Schedule and Guidelines:
This session will run from 4:10 to 4:50 PM.
Please read and respond to each other’s comments thoughtfully.

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The meeting goes very well and i get some very interesting points

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Hello every body I hope that we enjoy and some thing from meeting

In today’s session we have learned about different types of literacy such as media literacy, digital literacy, critical literacy, health literacy and social literacy.

. Today’s lesson was great though there was some problems such as connection problems and I couldn’t catch the lessons completely. What about you all?

Thanks for your reply and I want the same thing for you.

Same here the connection had problem

Can someone please provide some more information about health literacy? I think I lost the connection at that time .

Hello temmates ,Today’s lecture was good let’s discuss about it what you learn from it.

Okay then let’s start discussing about today’s lecture.

We can say use,that short definition of literacy
Literacy is the,ability of reading and writing from different medias

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Share what you have learn?

Sure, I had learn many significant things for example how the literacy of everything is different and important for example about environmental literacy: Certainly! Here’s another understanding environmental issues and the interconnectedness of ecosystems, and making informed decisions to protect the environment.

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Sure I learned about kinds of literacy.

Media literacy refers to the ability to access, analyze, and create media in a variety of forms.

Digital literacy encompasses the skills and competencies required to effectively use digital devices, software, and online platforms.
And the other types that we didn’t speak about today but I have some brief information about them as follow:

Critical literacy involves the ability to analyze and critique texts, media, and information critically.
Social literacy refers to the understanding of social norms, relationships, and communication skills necessary to navigate social interactions effectively.
And the last one was health literacy I don’t know

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I have learned about media literacy that involves the ability to critically analyze and evaluate media messages from various sources, including television, internet, social media, and advertising. It encompasses skills such as understanding bias, recognizing manipulation techniques, and interpreting the intended message behind media content. By being media literate, individuals can make informed decisions about the information they consume and understand its impact on society and themselves.


Could you say one of the,four skill of media letracy?

Today’s main topic was about the literacy. fitrst of all, what is literacy? Literacy is the ability of people to read and write. and our sub topics were kinds of literacy such as information literacy and media literacy. However, it has many kinds for today’s lecture we have discussed about these two kinds.

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