Day 1: Brain Drain Crisis in Post-2021 Afghanistan_TeamB

Day 1: August 30 9:30-18:30 local time
“Brain Drain Crisis in Post-2021 Afghanistan_TeamB”
“What measures can be implemented to decrease brain drain and eliminate illegal immigration from Afghanistan to foreign countries?"


Afghanistan, being a landlocked country, the most important way is to provide employment within the country, which will reduce the level of migration

Thank you for sharing these important issues and ideas related to decreasing brain drain and eliminating illegal immigration from Afghanistan. Your suggestions include enhancing employment opportunities, improving education and healthcare facilities, strengthening security measures, providing professional development programs, and implementing supportive policies for entrepreneurship. These ideas offer potential solutions to address the root causes of these issues. Other participants, please feel free to share your thoughts and additional ideas on this topic.

Factories in the country and some jobs that provide employment to the youth can provide migration

That’s an interesting idea! It would be valuable to hear other participants’ thoughts on this concept of providing employment opportunities to reduce migration. Please feel free to share your opinions. #discussionfacilitator

In my opinion to reduce brain drain government need to create work envioment to bring back the young people who intended to travel abroad illegally.
Because the main reason of escaping young people is jobless which lot of young people are facing with that.

That’s an interesting perspective on reducing brain drain in Afghanistan. Providing employment opportunities within the country could indeed be a potential solution. Let’s hear from other participants on their thoughts or additional ideas regarding this issue.

For the past two years, Afghanistan has faced many crises, including the crises of education, work and the imposition of numerous restrictions on women and girls.
These crises and restrictions face people from a country to leave their homeland.
Especially educated people don’t have The conditions to stay in the homeland.
The Taliban should consider prospect of any restrictions they impose.

What measures can be implemented to decrease brain drain and eliminate illegal immigration from Afghanistan to foreign countries? Please share your ideas.

Afghanistan is also one of the less developed countries that evey year its young, expert and productive manpower migrates to different countries of the world.
Unfortunately, this trend has increased in recent years due to war political, economic, social instability and loss of opportunities.

These are some interesting ideas to address the issue of brain drain and illegal immigration from Afghanistan. Improving education and job opportunities, strengthening border control, developing programs to retain talent, enhancing governance, and establishing bilateral agreements are all potential measures. Participants, what are your thoughts on these ideas? Do you have any additional suggestions?

Brain drain crasis is a big problem for every countries specially for developing countries so if the government want to prevent from this issue they must make opportunities for people specially for new generation to be stay in this homeland

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Creating employment opportunities within Afghanistan is crucial to reduce brain drain and illegal immigration. Improving the work environment and attracting and retaining young people can help address this issue. What are your thoughts on this?

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After Taliban came the number of jobs decreased so everyone want to have a good life that make them happy so if they want to prevent from migration the government must provide living for people

Creating employment opportunities and improving conditions for young people can help decrease brain drain and reduce illegal immigration from Afghanistan to foreign countries.

Lot of people are escaping from Afghanistan cause of educational system which now is not good for boys and girls taliban are making thier system in educational like they want to take our some subjects which is useful and for girls they closed all of schools face to girls so go government should make the good educational system.

Government should focus on improving education and creating job opportunities to prevent brain drain and illegal immigration. It’s important for young people to have a reason to stay in Afghanistan.

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Strengthening local opportunities: Focus on creating favorable conditions for economic growth, job creation, and access to quality education and healthcare within Afghanistan. This can help retain skilled individuals and discourage them from seeking opportunities abroad.

Thank you for sharing your insight. Encouraging economic growth, job creation, and improving access to education and healthcare within Afghanistan can indeed help retain skilled individuals and discourage them from seeking opportunities abroad. Other participants, feel free to join in with your thoughts.

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First of all, we know better when the Taliban came to Afghanistan for the second time, many people left the country. If you want to erase immigration from our minds, the government should pave the way for people to work inside Afghanistan.