Day 1: Brain Drain Crisis in Post-2021 Afghanistan_TeamC

Day 1: August 30 9:30-18:30 local time
“Brain Drain Crisis in Post-2021 Afghanistan_TeamC”
“What measures can be implemented to decrease brain drain and eliminate illegal immigration from Afghanistan to foreign countries?"

Discussion flow and schedule:

During this discussion (9:30-18:30), we will proceed through four distinct discussion phases. Kindly follow to the outlined phases and their sequence as follows:

First Phase: Issue prioritization (9:30~11:30, 2 hours):
Frist (9:30~10:30): Please list the main cause of brain drain problems in Afghanistan that why people escape from Afghanistan.
Following this, from 10:30-11:30, prioritize the top five factors/main issues that Afghanistan citizen opt to depart the nation.

Translation in the local language:
فاز اول: اولویت‌بندی مسائل (ساعت 9:30 تا 11:30، برای 2 ساعت): لطفاً علت اصلی مشكلات مرتبط با فرار افراد از افغانستان را بیان نمائید، و از میان آنها، پنج عامل عمده ی که در ایجاد این مشکل نقش عمده دارد، را اولویت‌بندی نمایید.

Phase Two: Ideation on Prioritized Issues (11:30~13:30, 2 hours)
Over the next two hours, kindly provide your opinions on how to address the top three prioritized issues that you identified during the initial phase of our discussion.

Translation in the local language:
فاز دوم: ایده‌پردازی درباره مسائل اولویت‌بندی شده (ساعت 11:30 تا 13:30، 2 ساعت)
در طی دو ساعت آینده، لطفاً نظرات خود را در مورد چگونگی راه حل پنج مسئله اولویت‌بندی شده که در فاز اول بحث تشخیص داده‌اید، ارائه دهید.

Phase Three: Identifying the challenges that lies in the proposed solutions (13:30-15:30, 2 hours)
First (13:3014:30): Engage in a discussion regarding the challenges associated with implementing the proposed solutions offered by fellow participants within your groups.
Subsequently, from 14:30 to 15:30, prioritize the five most challenging concepts or solutions that might face difficulties in implementation within the context of Afghanistan. For instance, consider ideas that might effectively address issues in the other countries but prove ineffective in resolving problems specific to Afghanistan.
Or works in Afghanistan but not works in other countries.

Translation in the local language:
فاز سوم: شناسایی چالش‌های موجود در راه‌حل‌های پیشنهادی (ساعت 13:30 تا 15:30، 2 ساعت
بخش اول (ساعت 13:30 الی 14:30): در مرحله اول بحث، به چالش‌های مرتبط با اجرای راه‌حل‌های پیشنهادی توسط شرکت‌کنندگان دیگر در گروه‌های خود بپردازید.
سپس، از ساعت 14:30 تا 15:30، پنج راه‌حلی که احتمالاً تطبیق ان در أفغانستان با مشکلات مواجه خواهند شد، را مشخص سازید. به عنوان مثال، ایده‌هایی که به خوبی به مشکلات سایر کشورها پاسخ می‌دهند، ممکن است برای حل مسائل خاص افغانستان کارآمد نباشند. یا ایده‌هایی که در افغانستان کار می‌کنند، در سایر کشورها به کار نمی‌آیند.

Final phase: Facilitating arguments on ideated opinions & evaluating/voting most suitable solutions (15:30~18:30, 2 hours)
First (15:30-17:30): Engage in a comprehensive discussion on how best we ca apply the proposed solutions that are applicable within the context of Afghanistan.
Subsequently, from 17:30-18:30, please individually rank the top five ideas/solutions that you deem feasible for implementation in Afghanistan. Following this, as a collective effort involving all group members, choose the five most suitable solutions to be implemented in Afghanistan.

Translation in the local language:
فاز نهایی: بحث‌ در مورد نظرات ارائه‌شده و ارزیابی/رأی‌گیری برای راه‌حل‌های مناسب‌تر پیشنهادی (ساعت 13:30 تا 15:30، 2 ساعت)

بخش اول (ساعت 15:30 تا 17:30): در یک بحث جامع، لطفا به این بپردازید که چگونه می‌توانیم به بهترین شکل راه‌حل‌های پیشنهادی را که قابل اجرا افغانستان هستند، اجرا کنیم.
سپس، از ساعت 17:30 تا 18:30، لطفاً به صورت فردی پنج ایده/راه‌حل را که به عقیده انفرادی شما قابل اجرا در افغانستان هستند، رتبه‌بندی نمائید. پس از آن، به عنوان کار گروپی که تمام اعضای گروه در آن شرکت می‌کنند، پنج راه‌حل مناسب‌تر را که همه اعضای گروپ فکر میکنند که در أفغانستان قابل تطبیق میباشد را انتخاب نمائید.

The END.

Thank you for sharing these examples of measures that can be implemented to decrease brain drain and eliminate illegal immigration from Afghanistan to foreign countries. These points highlight the importance of economic policies, education, programs and incentives, political stability, governance, and border control. Other participants, please feel free to add your thoughts on these or share any additional measures you think could be effective.

The main cause of brain drain crisis is political instability and poor quality of life limited access to education and health care and luck of economic opportunities.

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The purpose of this discussion is to explore measures that can be implemented to address brain drain and illegal immigration from Afghanistan. Your opinions on the issues raised, such as lack of job opportunities and political instability, are important. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on how these issues can be tackled effectively.

Lack of financial and personal security is one of the main reasons for brain drain in Afghanistan.


The most important cause of the brain drain crasis is that people don’t want to stay here because whey want to have a good place for living that have lots of opportunities

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Hi , everyone
In my opinion the brain brain crisis in Afghanistan is going to be a very serious problem. It has got effect in developing of a country.

Lack of financial problem is the main problem for the people of Afghanistan so therefore they want to go to outside of this country for making money to live

The people are tired of the Taliban’s policy, and this causes the Afghans to leave the country and resort to illegal immigration.

The lack of working conditions and sources of income in the country is also one of the main factors of the brain drain crisis.

In my idea the reasons for the brain drain in afghanistan is alot but the bolded reason is the intellectual insecurities.

Brain drain crisis is the biggest problem in Afghanistan beacuse everyday we are withness that our literate part leave the country.

People of Afghanistan don’t want to be uneducated so they want to go to other countries for study and by this they can make an opportunity for living on that country cause Afghanistan educational systems is broking day by day

Brain drain is actually one the important matter in our country because unfortunately we lost day by day our young and educated person they are the real asset of afghanistan
They are the only hope of our country.

And also one of the main reasons can be the changing of the government, and the illegal immigrations.

Yes, in these days we all see that the capacities of Afghanistan is trying to get out of here becuase in this country they cannot do anything becuase of the mentioned reasons.

What do think they will return one day?

in a country that there is no opportunity for young generation and luck of education opportunity and health and luck of speech freedom and feeling unsecure and have lots of responsibility in home make the people to think to out side country and thinking of having happy life in future.

I think the main case of Brian drain crisis from Afghanistan is this that all people of Afghanistan faced with lot of problem and difficulties living in such situation is to hard or impossible because of that they brain and leave thier country.


In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons why do people escape from the country on august is; the Kabul take over. They escaped from country because they were afraid of what happened, most of them were working with foreign NGO’s, with Afghan Army and other agencies and they escaped because they were warned during several years.

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