Media Censor Crisis in Post 2021 Afghanistan-Testing Team A

Let’s discuss the topic on " Media Censor Crisis in Post 2021 Afghanistan".
In the specific context of mitigating media censorship, what measures can be taken to not only decrease instances of censorship but also guarantee an accurate portrayal of events as they unfold?


Freedom of expression is one of the most important points in any society, but unfortunately, in Afghanistan, after the rule of the Taliban, freedom of expression was taken away from this society, especially in relation to the freedom of the media, which after 2021, this issue faced a lot of sensitivities and the media As in the past, they can no longer cover the news of the day. Accordingly, the current media in Afghanistan are currently under pressure from government institutions, and the reflection of the daily content is accompanied by many censorships.

‌since medias are highly affected by Defacto authorities, media is getting censored rapidly. As a matter of fact, Taliban don’t believe in right of free speech. Thus, there’s a need of close cooperation between countries to make Taliban to be acceptable of their actions.

Censorship in the media of Afghanistan is one of the basic problems of the media, the media of Afghanistan do not have the right to publish accurate news and against the government, they are justified by problems such as non-cooperation of the government in collecting information.

Censorship of the media in Afghanistan is not a new issue
Because Afghanistan does not have a stable and strong-willed government, many changes have occurred in this country since 2021, which has caused censorship of the media.

And I think that in order to prevent media censorship in Afghanistan, the government should make accurate information available to the media, and there should be a chain of media that is connected with the government so that they can make accurate, successful and impartial news available to the people.

The crisis of media censorship in Afghanistan after 2021 is currently one of the most important and sensitive issues. With recent changes in the country, many Afghan media outlets have been forced to censor their content in order to ensure their safety. This has led to the international community and even the Afghan people themselves seeking solutions to reduce censorship and ensure accuracy in the portrayal of events

In general, to reduce media censorship in Afghanistan, we need to consider diverse and extensive methods. We need to strive to promote freedom of expression, provide media education, establish independent organizations, and encourage independent media to portray events with appropriate accuracy and precision.

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Also, by providing information and materials related to media censorship in Afghanistan, we can provide information to the international community and foreign media to increase the pressure to abolish censorship. Also, we can help spread awareness and respond to this issue by participating in demonstrations and protests against media censorship.

Military and security news are still censored by the government, political news, legal and judicial news, and economic news are in the next ranks, respectively, where journalists are censored by the government.
In the section of censorship by local powerful people, it is said that news and information related to the operation and extra-legal activities of local powerful people are censored by powerful people.

If the media continues its work with such restrictions, the media will face many problems in the future, and now that this continues, the media will no longer be able to guarantee the freedom of the media and will face a lot of pressure. The fundamental rights of humans, which are the most fundamental foundation of a society, whenever it is under pressure from the government, we must witness events such as deadlocks of individual and social freedom.

In other words, every person in every society has the right to express different opinions and every idea he has freely and not to face threats that the person can no longer express his opinion and fear that if his opinion to express and face objections.

Censorship of the media causes the destruction and destruction of the media and still the media cannot provide accurate and timely news to the people of the society.

In order to reduce media censorship, laws should be enacted by the government so that the media can publish accurate and correct news within the framework of these laws and without any fear or persecution. Also, organizations should be created that can supervise the actions of the media, as well as training and awareness of the news. Of all the rules and ethics of the journalistic profession, it is another important point in the media

There is no doubt medias an important role in our country

We can also access the uncensor news by manifesting individual reporting.


Why media is getting censored rapidly?

Censorship in the media is applied according to the culture and laws of a country, but in our country, the Taliban government has a wrong image of censorship and that women in the media should appear with masks.

Media censorship can occur for various reasons, including political, social, cultural, and religious factors. In Afghanistan, media censorship has increased rapidly due to recent changes in the country’s political situation. The Taliban’s takeover of the country has led to fear and uncertainty among media outlets, causing them to censor their content to avoid persecution or harm. Additionally, the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law has led to the censorship of content that they deem inappropriate or against their beliefs. Overall, media censorship occurs when those in power feel threatened by the information being shared and seek to control or limit its dissemination.

I think media censor can case hiding details about government acitivites and terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

Media censor is a main gun of a totalitarian government like china taliban north korea and etc… in Afghanistan it can cause silence in freedon seeking voices and show the situation like eaverything is fine.