Day 1: Pre-Lecture Interactive Session_Team A2

Greetings Team A2 members, and welcome to our pre-lecture interactive session!

“In this session, please introduce yourselves by stating your name, where you’re from, your educational background, and one interesting hobby or interest.”

Discussion Schedule and Guidelines:

  • Please be punctual and participate fully during the session from 2:20 to 2:50*
  • Kindly read each other’s comments and respond as appropriate.
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Hello, I am Soheila from Ghazni and I am a 12th grade graduate from Nawe Peshi High School. I have passed the computer science course in Kabul education. My favorite course is computer science, but unfortunately, after the Taliban regime, I could not continue.

I am Musa Jalili, a Ph.D. scholar at Hazara University, specializing in Machine Learning. Additionally, I hold the position of assistant professor at universities in Kabul.

Aziza Nawrozi from Afghanistan. I graduated from Kabul University last year. one of my best hobby is reading navel book.

Hi everyone, I am Edris alokozay i graduated from kabul polytechnic university, field of computer engineering now i am researching for opportunities in higher degrees.

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I,m Forozan Ahmadi I had bachelor degree in business administration.

Hello everyone,
I trust this message finds you all in good health and spirits.
My name is Hewad Safi, and I am from Laghman province. I hold a degree in Economics, Banking, and Finance. I have a keen interest in volleyball and am enthusiastic about expanding my knowledge through accounting lectures.

Hello to all, my name is Imaran Sadry and I am from Kabul, Afghanistan, I graduated from the faculty of Journalism, as well as i am look8ng for a job and my hoby is playing chess.

Hi everyone.
This ia atal from kabul and i graduated from kabul university last year. My best hobby is chess and reading the books

Glad to know you…

Till which semester you continue to?


Mee too miss !

Cool , nice to meet you i also interested playing chess. i think this game very useful for mind

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hello everyone

Which uni and city miss

Did you pass the Kancor Exam or not ?

Hello dear