Day 1: Post-Lecture Interactive Session_Team A4

Thank you for attending pre-lecture, and lecture sessions, and welcome to post-lecture interactive session!

*In this session, please review and discuss the key points discussed in today’s lecture.

Discussion Schedule and Guidelines:
This session will run from 4:10 to 4:50 PM.
Please read and respond to each other’s comments thoughtfully.

Does anyone have a question?

Hello everyone !
Today’s session was about literacy .
Literacy is the ability of people to read and write .
There are 6 type of literacy :
2- financial
3- media
4- scientific
5- information
6- digital


greetings. Service to all subscribers: discussion on social networks, it can be said that social networks have made the world like a small village.

What do you think, which one is useful in our country?

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It can be said that social media has a very important role on people.

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I think today’s lecture it was very useful

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Sir, in the current situation, what solutions can be created so that girls can be educated at least through online education?

Yes I agree with you, it was very useful

We have to be thankful to that one who create and discovery that soclial media

Today’s lesson was really great

It can be said that social media plays a very important role in commercial, political and other advertisements, and its influence on people cannot be denied.

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Every moment in this life is beautiful since we know and have access with medias

Exactly can you explain the types of literacy in some few words ?

Yes very agree with you

But in Afghanistan media literacy is zero

Social media can be used in a positive and good way and in a wrong and negative way, and it depends on the user.

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Social media is very useful and important, but it also has its own disadvantages, it depends on how to use it, I think there should be a way to educate young people about its correct use.

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